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Welcome to my New Blog!

Welcome! I am Cynthia A Hart, author of Choices~The Awakening and I’m so excited to have you here, as a visitor to my blog about the first book in the trilogy about Choices. Since spiritual experiences have been important to me since the age of four, you can imagine how special this project has been over the years. I’ll be using this blog to interact with you not only about the book but expanding on some of the topics and perhaps some of the synchronicities, happenstance meetings and spiritual experiences we have had so far. So, check back here for updates on those insights and revelations I hoping to have in the future.
Let me ask these questions: what is the most profound experience you have had? What started you on this journey? Please include any details and if you give me permission to use it (changing your name, of course) in a later book. Trust me, I want to know your questions, thoughts and if you relate to any of the characters, even if you don’t want me to share your spiritual awakenings. I look forward to getting to know you and I need your help getting out this message to the world:
Don’t let death be your first spiritual experience~~

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